"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."  
Vincent Van Gogh

Crown of Petals was born out of my love of the outdoors, my appreciation of all natural beauty and my fascination with the healing power of plants on the body, mind and spirit. 

As a child, I found great joy playing outdoors, collecting flowers, admiring butterflies, and just simply laying in the grass and drifting off to the clouds in the beautiful blue sky.  I consider simple moments like these to be the finer things in life.

My reverence for the natural world led me to pursue a BS in Ethnobotany where I spent most of my formal training in the rainforest and lab studying medicinal plants and the beauty and wellness traditions of the indigenous peoples.  Equally passionate about fitness, nutrition and travel, I became obsessed with learning different healing modalities from around the world and obtained advanced credentials in holistic bodywork, yoga and outdoor education.  

Most of my career has been spent working in different capacities within the health, wellness and beauty industry. I feel blessed to have spent tenure at some of the most sought after luxury spas in the world and to have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most forward thinking international beauty brands.   

Throughout my experience,  I became extremely passionate about crafting decadent botanical formulas and sharing my knowledge of how to benefit from their therapeutic, nutritive and aromatic virtues. 

I hand blend each formula in my studio in Sonoma County, California, where I seek inspiration in all the surrounding natural elements—the vineyards, the orchards, the ocean, the forest and even in my own garden. 

My intention is for each bottle to be a treasure; a sensory experience. Every ingredient has a story and a purpose, capturing the essence of time and place -transporting body, mind and spirit.

I want to inspire you to take time to indulge in your natural beauty, breathe deep and enjoy the moment. 


With gratitude,

Heather Waldschmidt